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If you’ve found yourself here, you’re probably looking for one of two things.

Maybe you’ve been wondering how to find “the one”…

You’ve felt the loneliness and the devastation when everyone around you seems to be getting married and celebrating engagements, but you’re still looking for the love of your life.

Or maybe you’ve already found your perfect mate and are ready to take your relationship to the next level.  You’ve settled in for the long haul and are looking for tips and techniques to keep the flame of love and passion alive.

Welcome to The SoulMatch Solution™

The SoulMatch Solution is about creating the love you’ve always dreamed of.  It’s about what love truly is, versus what we are often programmed to think it is.  Your SoulMatch ignites the passion in your life; he or she is your partner in learning and growing, your perfect fit.

This program, created by personal development experts Sean Stephenson and Mindie Kniss, was recorded over a three-day live seminar.  It includes over four hours of information on how to find your perfect match, how to keep the embers burning once you’ve found him or her, plus Q&A sessions.

Specifically, you’ll learn:

  • What exactly is a SoulMatch?
  • The 4 essential categories for your “relationship list” (i.e. what you’re looking for)
  • The answer to the question:  “Where will I find love?”

If you’ve been asking, “How can I find someone?” this program is for you.

Ladies, stop asking yourself, “How do I find a man?” and learn how to get clear on EXACTLY you want.

And guys, if you’ve been wondering how to attract the woman of your dreams, Sean and Mindie walk you through the process they used to attract each other.

Before you give up on love, get The SoulMatch Solution.

The SoulMatch Solution Digital Recordings:  $129

New lower price:  just $97!

The SoulMatch Solution is now part of our VIP content library over at The Lucrative Society™.

Learn more at:

When you join, you’ll get immediate access to download the digital recordings.

You’ll also learn:

  • What is true love?
  • How to overcome excuses and objections to love (like hurt from past relationships, finances, etc.)
  • How to develop your SoulMatch relationship
  • How to resolve conflict with your lover by tricking your brain
  • And what brain chemistry has to do with all of this anyway

You’ll understand

  • What love is and what it is not
  • How to communicate effectively with your partner
  • How to deal with stress in your relationship
  • The red flag:  how to spot it before you get in too deep
  • What are the love languages?
  • How to keep your relationship fresh and exciting


“Really exceptional and open course, Sean and Mindie. I’ve come to expect surprises from Sean. But Mindie, you are truly his biggest surprise yet.  I highly recommend your collective wisdom to anyone seeking to quit looking and start finding their true lifemate. You two provide hope, insights, knowledge and wisdom. You’re supposed to be a lot older to hold all of those character traits as deeply as you do.  Well done. I’m one happy camper.”  — Mark Alan Effinger, Vancouver, Washington

“I just completed the Soul Match 3 days course and I just wanted to say THANK YOU for everything.  Like Jim Rohn said, there really is no NEW information out there but application IS the KEY. What I really got out of the course was how to apply everything I know to a much deeper level and that is the main reason why I’m sold on the idea of working more with Sean & Mindie to speed up my learning curve. I’m looking forward to having my relationship like Sean & Mindie with my SoulMatch.”   –- Winnielee Chuus, Vancouver, British Columbia

“I could have done with you guys a year or so ago, then I don’t think I would have been divorced or at least I wouldn’t be thinking, ‘if only’!  I am here to learn and excel further then I had ever imagined with your dynamic and infectious skill and humor.”  — Bhupendra Kumar

“[Sean and Mindie] both come from different areas and bring so much knowledge and wisdom and experience to the course, but it’s also the intimacy that they share… demonstrating the material in action.  I saw what was next for me and it was very practical and applicable…” — Patti Mara, Ontario, Canada

“I had my doubts… I maybe wasn’t expecting to get as much out of this, but even after the first session, I’m just really impressed.” — Susan, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

“Thank you very much for sharing such intimate details of your lives for the rest of us.” — Christie, California

About the Creators

Mindie Kniss and Sean Stephenson have been called a “power couple” in the world of personal growth and relationships.  They met in 2009, started dating in 2010, were engaged in May 2011 and married in September 2012.

Mindie Kniss

Mindie KnissMindie offers personal coaching, live events and workshops. She is also a writer and international speaker.
Mindie co-authored the best-selling compilation, Wake Up Women: Be Happy, Healthy & Wealthy. Her diverse experience includes working in the wilderness as an adventure guide and in corporate America at a Fortune 100 company. She was awarded a six-month fellowship in Nairobi, Kenya to work on HIV/AIDS prevention initiatives.
Mindie holds master degrees in Metaphysics and Creative Writing. She has studied belief systems, love & relationships, creativity, leadership, and consciousness, both inside and outside of academia.  Visit Mindie’s blog at

Sean Stephenson

Sean StephensonSean was predicted not to survive at birth because of a rare bone disorder that stunted his growth and caused his bones to be extremely fragile. Despite his challenges, he took a stand for a quality of life that has inspired millions of people around the world, including Tony Robbins, Richard Branson, President Clinton, and his Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama. Sean has appeared on everything from The Oprah Show to Youtube videos with a million views. The Biography Channel did an hour feature on his life: “Three Foot Giant.” Sean’s message has been heard at live events in over 15 countries and
47 states over the past 15 years. As a board certified therapist, Sean uses humor and compassion to develop a safe and controlled environment where individuals open up their hearts and minds for lasting empowerment to occur.
When you get to know Sean, you’ll realize all of his struggles and accomplishments are not what defines him as a man. It’s his love for life and unending pursuit to help millions overcome their excuses, fears and insecurities and start Living At Cause. Visit Sean’s blog at

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